Zhang's Motor Works. The original CJ 750 shop of Beijing. For all your CJ 750 needs. With or without sidecar.      

 Green PLA M1Super OHV
Military style
Quick release pannier boxes, lowered front fender, machine gun mount, jerry cans and brackets, headlight cover, engine guard, vertical seat springs, rubber shock covers, headlamp with on/off switch. Powder coated hubs, rims, spokes, and engine. Sidecar brakes, front brake switch, front and back plates, WWII division and tactical marks decals, battery box, tool box, shovel, axe, air pump, hydraulic jack, halogen light, cloth tonneau, bike and wheel cover, military fog lights, extra wide hubs M-5 wheels, “double spare wheel” option, gas tank with glove box and side fill cap position, tow bar. Copy of original BMW metal tags and plates. Panzer Grey, Matte Black, US Green, PLA Green, Africa Korps Yellow, UN White or whatever.