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The Chang Jiang 750

A short introduction

Make : Nan Chang Fei Ji Zhi Zao Chang
Model: Chang Jiang 750 M1/ M1M / M1 Super
Year : 1950 - 1997
Capacity: 750 CC

Chang Jiang means the Long River (Yangtze River) and was the name given to the Russian built Ural M-72 after China took over production of the motorcycle in the 1950's. The Russians themselves having reversed engineered the bike from the German built BMW R71 model 1938.
The Chang Jiang 750 is basicly a BMW R71. Equipped with a 4 stroke, 746 cc flat twin, side-valve engine. The twin-cylinder side valve "Flathead" engine, is the original BMW "boxer engine" design principle. However, The CJ750 M1 that is being built today, is a not a direct copy of the 1938 BMW R71 but a copy of the Russian built Ural M-72. The Chinses built CJ 750 comes in three types, the M1 (24 HP 6V), the M1M (24 HP 12 V) and the newM1S OVH (Super Over Head Valve 32 HP)

The M1M is a slightly modernized version with a proper distributor and 12V electrical system while the M1S is an OHV machine with a 32 HP engine. The M1S OHV has been modernized and is still widely used among PLA and Chinese police.

The Boxer engine design is ingenously simple and effecient. The horizontally apposed cylinder arrangement ensures proper cooling and easy serviceability. The crankgear incorporates the cylinders, the pistons with piston rings and pins, the connecting rods with bearings and the crankshaft with the flywheel. The engine cylinders are identical in design and interchangeable. A gasket and o-ring are fitted between the cylinder and the crankcase