Zhang's Motor Works. The original CJ 750 shop of Beijing. For all your CJ 750 needs. With or without sidecar.      

Restoration, customazation and tune ups

Pimp Your Ride...

If you can dream it, we can build it. We have been doing complete custom bikes for more than 10 years. Come by for a talk, bring a picture or a drawing or just your imagination.

Paintjobs, Chrome, Polishing, Leather, Custom frame work, HiFi, Lighting, Hybrid bikes and whatever. Challenge us please. We can do anything with your CJ 750 except maybe make it fly. (Then again, we never tried...)

We have custom pipes, M5 racing wheels, hand made custom leather seatsbucket seats, high quality durable duck-boards, custom made spookes. You can have a choice of lowered fenders R75 style, R71 style, M72 style. A choice of handle bars, lowered, narrow, wide and high. A choice of lights and lamps, stereos and speakers, grips, switches and cables. Lowered or raised fenders and seats.

We have the best chrome and polishing jobs and our paint jobs are unbeatable.

We can overhall modify and tune up your engine, transform your Chang Jiang 750 into a 6 Ring Road Racing Monster.

WWII restoration details: We have it all. Engine guards, shock covers, jerry cans in two sizes, light cover, double stacked wheels, pannier boxes, shovels, etc. You can order kits for restoration or have a complete Chang Jiang WW II bike made according to your specefications.

We can turn your CJ 750 into a perfecet copy of the classic BMW R75. Pinstripes and all.

The prices we are currently charging are for our customers in Beijing and to be used for reference only. Recent changes in USD exchange rates will reflect changes in price during actual sales. For overseas orders, go to our international orders page. These prices are also valid for international ZMW clients and Beijing customers.