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China Trips in Sidecar bikes.

Beijing Sidecar is officially in the Tour Business….

No secret that we have been arranging and conducting sidecar bike tours in and around Beijing and China for as long as we have been building the bikes. Due to a massive increase in interest
we have at Beijing Sidecar deemed it necessary to open a branch that focuses exclusively on the tours. Wanting always to improve the quality of our ways, we have engaged in a coop with long time China Tour organisers at Hiddenchina.net
So, let Beijing Sidecar and Hiddenchina.net take you for a ride on our cool CJ 750's around the narrow streets of Beijing or a trip to the Great Wall perhaps.. But that is only the beginning. We have many exclusive, ready planned trips all around China. You want to explore Inner Mongolia on a sidecar motorcycle, the boarders of Russia and North Korea perhaps or even take the big trip, all the way to Tibet.

Custom work is not limited to our bike building. We can with pleasure and ease put together a custom trip, just for you. At Beijing Sidecar we know our way around China.
The bikes used for the tours are of course the Chang Jiang 750.
The Chinese reproduction of the 1930s BMW R71. From the WWII German BMW factories over Siberian Red army Ural mass assembly to the glorious production lines of the PLA. Tried and tested over nearly a century of war and peace this bike still remains on top. Superiority in design, driving ability and adaptability, durability has left the CJ the last remaining original sidecar motorcycle in the world.
The CJ 750 has been a regular in Beijing and China traffic since the mid 50's, so what better way to discover the city and the country, authentic, exiting and in style.
We want you to experience how incredible it is to travel around in a CJ. Be it a Beijing City cruise or a China tour, the feeling is amazing. So amazing that you may end up ordering your own CJ to bring home with you. You can come by the shop anytime to look at our bikes and talk about how you want yours made. We will of course ship the bike for you, anywhere you want. If that is where you are going, our CJ will go there too.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.