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Parts and accessories

Look through our parts and accessories pages and see the incredible things that can be done to make your CJ750 sidecar beautiful and also perform better.

Enhance the performance of your flathead with three ring pistons; increased compression, increased oil flow, less friction, smoother running and less overheating. A must have for your flathead engine.

We have battery boxes for sidecar and solo bikes both in stainless or painted, braided stainless steel sheath wiring to protect cables. For better visibility when night riding we have 12 volt halogen headlamps that are much brighter and whiter than the stock headlamps. Frame mounted toolbox with lock. For better response and higher speed you can install the high performance carburetors.
You might also want to have a look at the Thin air filters (picture). The Tiumph front brakes and the disc brakes are realy nice and highly recommened, along with the sidecar brake. We have custom pipes, M5 wheels, hand made custom leather seatsbucket seats. You can have a choice of lowered fenders R75 style, R71 style, M72 style.

WWII restoration details: We have engine guards, shock covers, duckboards, jerry can in two sizes, light cover, double stacked wheels, pannier boxes, shovels, etc.
Be it tune up/high performance parts, polsihed or chrome accesories or just plane ol' parts you can find it all at Beijing Sidecar. We have every avilable part and every accesory, in stock.
750 sidecar restored for you at our local Beijing prices. The prices we are currently charging are for our customers in Beijing and to be used for reference only. Recent changes in USD exchange rates will reflect changes in price during actual sales. For overseas orders, go to our international orders page. These prices are also valid for international ZMW clients and Beijing customers.