Zhang's Motor Works. The original CJ 750 shop of Beijing. For all your CJ 750 needs. With or without sidecar.      
World Wide Chang Jiang 750

International orders.

Export/Import documents, customs clearance, shipping, insurance and national registration we will handle it all for you.
We have been serving the international Chang Jiang 750 community for as long as we have been building and selling custom bikes. Our extensive experience within customs handling and shipping makes life a whole lot easier for Chang Jiang 750 riders all over the world.
We can mail you a complete bike in what ever way you want (and are willing to pay)

We have the largest inventory of PLA surplus CJ750 sidecars in Beijing and we will ship in part or whole depending on your import requirements.
We have helped many expatriates living in Beijing ship their CJ750 sidecars home.

Naturally we also provide you with the proper documentation for registration in your home country
and of course we also see to it that your bike meets the respective country's street legal requirements. So, if you are planning on sending your CJ750 home or sending a bike to some one you love, swing by and talk to us about how, when and where.

All export Chang Jiang 750 sidecars included a box with parts and this is without extra charge. If you need anything particular with your order and it is not listed in our export parts box, please let us know so we can have it to you asap.