Attention... New Office address... Cao Chang Di #256, Guoji Yishu Cun (International Art Village) ChaoYang District 北京市 朝阳区 草场地 256 号 国际艺术村      
Welcome to BEIJING SIDECAR home of Zhang's Motor Works

There is an old Chinese saying that goes: "If you want Chinese food, go to a Chinese restaurant !
If you want a Chang Jiang 750 sidecar, go where the Beijing locals go" -- Zhang's Motor Works --

Seriously, if you are looking for a CJ 750 and reliable service to go with it, Zhang's Motor Works is the place. With quality workmanship and most importantly, honest prices, Zhangs Motor Works has been servicing local and foreign Chang Jiang 750 sidecar riders since early 1990's.

New office is located by 5th ring east and airport express rd. Wu Yuan Bridge.
Address: ChaoYang District, Cao Chang Di 256, Guoji Yishu Cun (International Art Village)
北京市 朝阳区 草场地 256 号 国际艺术村
google map coordinates: 39.9987814, 116.4995075, +39° 59' 55.613", + 116° 29' 58.227"

Our business philosophy is and has always been basic, we want to make a better bike at the same price or we want to sell you the same bike at a better price than any other place you can find.
It seems to be working.. business is expanding every day. Our customers are primarily people living and riding in Beijing but an increasing number of our bikes are going to other Chinese cities and in the recent years we have been shipping a lot of bikes overseas. (see 'worldwide' for details on shopping from abroad and shipping). So, if you are living in a city other than Beijing do not hesitate to contact us, we have great experience with selling and registering bikes outside of Beijing. You will not find any bike shop in Beijing with our experience in selling and shipping bikes abroad.
We put a lot of heart, effort and pride into our work and into our bikes. For the same reason we have no problem with guaranteeing everything we do. This practice has created a large community of people that help and support our business over the years and have become our Chang Jiang 750 family.
Beijing Sidecar ZMW
where we at
Cao Chang Di 256
Guoji Yishu Cun
ChaoYang District
Beijing, China
北京市, 朝阳区
草场地 256 号
+86 10 64047769
+86 13381062065
+86 010 64047769
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